1 - Fees must be paid as soon as possible to prevent the meeting from being ordered , basically for education and from the first moment forget everything related with money .     .


2 - Never talk about money in our meeting, the fees set you by email or by phone .     .


3 - If you want to extend the meeting time once the agreed duration thereof and availability , you must submit the fees at the beginning of the extension .     .


4 - Please Respect my time.     .


5 - As in all times behave like a lady should always please be a gentleman , polite and respectful. You will be handsomely rewarded .     .


6 - Do not offer to share experiences added without make up for it, though we are both enjoying .     .


7 - Our privacy should be a priority and this discretion should be guaranteed by both parties.    


8 - Noa Just For You guarantees the authenticity of the photographs shown here .